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Attention members. Training for the hols will be on Friday at 1900hr every fortnightly to accomodate those that are working. For those still bumming around, there should be no excuse not to turn up or be late (though i can think of 101).

31May 2001
Yeah!!! My exams are finally over!!! Can't wait to get out into the sun, the sand and the sea!!! Training can wait.

08 Apr 2001
I just revamped the site again...looks more streamed-line now, does it? Hope you all like it better.

02 Mar 2001
Since this website started, I received quite a few enquiries regarding joining our club so I would like to clear some doubts.
Presently, members of the club are all students from the SIM-UOL full time degree program. We would love to have more members to join our team but we have to consider the fact that we are all full-time students and got our studies to worry about.
However, if anyone should be interested, you can always e-mail us your particulars like your name, age, and where you are currently studying or working and we will try our best to reply you. Just a note, our exams are in May so we stop our training from mid-Feb to beginning of June.
So good luck to everyone in SIM, NUS, NTU or any other schools for the coming exams.

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