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Team Alantis is a netball club set up by the students under the Singapore Institute of Management - University of London External Programme in 1998. Started by a couple of girls who are interested in netball, they rallied together their friends and other students with similar love for the game and managed to persuade the institute to allow the club to be set up.

The name 'Alantis' came about when the club became a member of Netball Singapore and we needed a name to call ourselves. It does not really stand for or mean anything, just a name that popped up out of nowhere after some time of debate. But in my point of view, its because the logo was blue in general and oceans came in mind so Alantic came into mind and to add more zing and tada, Alantis was born.

The pioneer members were initially made up of all girls but the following intake in 1999, the club decided to accept guys. I hope that this move will to change the mindset of most people that netball is a girl's game and encourage more clubs to start a mixed team to include males or even start a men's team. This will be in line with the IFNA's plan of hosting a Men's World Netball Championships within the next 5 years.

Our training is held on every Tuesday at the School of Physical Education(SPE-NIE) from 1700hr-2000hr. See you there :)

Andy Lam